Working Close to Home

Sometimes, it really is a small world (after all).

Once again we joined forces with the Hillsboro Downtown Partnership for a successful event.  And right in our own back yard, as it were. This project was right at the corner where Tuality Lodge #6 stands, and we helped our Masonic Brothers as well as the rest of our community.

We were back in the landscaping game for this project: digging up weeds, spreading mulch, and planting some new plants. During the process we discovered some old bricks that we believe were part of the original coal chute of Tuality Lodge, and we put them to a new and more decorative use. The star of the show was the huge pile of mulch that was brought in for the occasion–we tried valiantly to vanquish it, but it won out as lack of time and flower beds got the better of us. We know the City of Hillsboro will have a great time distributing it elsewhere around town.

As always, we had a lot of fun and met some great new people. As the weather improves, we are looking forward to doing more projects. Maybe next time we’ll be busier and not quite as sore the next day!

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